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Introducing - Unique holography portfolio

The world’s leading supplier of sophisticated micro-optical and holographic optical solutions wants to make driving safer, more interactive and more comfortable. Thanks to its new and unique replication technology, holographic solutions are expected to find their way into the automotive mass market in the near future. The basis is the ZEISS "Multifunctional Smart Glass" technology.
At the heart of the ZEISS technology is a transparent layer on which ultra-high-precision optics are attached in the smallest of spaces. The layer is characterized by a high transparency of over 92 percent combined with maximum clarity, and also enables vehicle manufacturers to use holographic technology, e.g. AR HUD,  in cars whose installation space, weight and costs previously did not allow it.
The video presents various potential applications of multifunctional smart glass technology in the car.


ZEISS is the leading technology enterprise of advanced micro-optical and holographic optical solutions for a wide range of applications in the automotive, hometech and consumer. "Multifunctional Smart Glass" technology enables, holographic projection systems, integrated cameras in transparent media and holographic lighting applications.